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Hello, I'm  jasongaylord Jason

I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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Another IE7 Bug

In an original post, I mentioned a few bugs or annoyances with the first IE 7 Beta. In addition to the controls already mentioned that have issues with IE7 Beta 1, the WYSIWYG controls such as FreeTextBox have issues as well. For instance, I’m typing in the full HTML of this post right now because the FreeTextBox control doesn’t know how to render this control. I can’t wait for a new build and this to be resolved.

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Future Of Windows Mobile

It was kind of funny to see the graphic below on Microsoft’s website this morning. I knew it would eventually come to this as Palm devices were actually really good, it was just the PalmOS that wasn’t.

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Small Business Accounting 2006 on Windows Server 2003

If you plan on installing Small Business Accounting 2006 on Windows Server 2003, be aware that the multi-user setting menu will throw an error unless you enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). ICS can be found be right-clicking on the active network adapter and going into properties. You’ll find the setting under the Advanced tab. Enable ICS and add a new service for TCP Port 56183. This will allow SBA 2006 to communicate and open itself up to external boxes.

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ASPInsiders Podcast

A group of ASPInsiders (including Wally McClure, Phil Winstanley, Ryan TS, Paul Glavich, Dave Sussman, Chris Frazier, Doug Reily, Ambrose Little, Aaron Seet, Alex Homer, and myself) created a new podcast about some of the new great features coming out surrounding Microsoft Technologies. We have discussed things such as Atlas, ASP.NET 2.0, WWF, and more! Download it now at http://weblogs.asp.net/wallym/archive/2005/10/04/426591.aspx.

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Code-Name "Spang"

Was talking with Plip earlier about the new code-name “Spang”. It seems like it will definitely increase productivity. I can’t discuss any of the fine details but I can’t wait for it to come out. I’ll try to keep everyone up to date on this topic!

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MVP Summit In Review

Day 1

Well, not much has happened today except for meeting some new people, seeing some old friends again, and picking up some swag. We’re about to head out for our regional dinners which should be a good time to meet many others.

Day 2

It was cool to see the executive presentations by Steve Ballmer and crew. They talked about the direction of the company, various products, and licensing.

Day 3

The product group presentations were interesting. It was neat to see some of the new improvements in the .NET platform and what lies ahead for developers with Avalon.

Day 4

The demos of Atlas and Quartz were awesome. To see the same demos that we did, check out the videos online from the PDC this year.

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Atlas Beta Released!

This morning at the Microsoft PDC in Los Angelas, California (USA), Microsoft released its first beta of the Atlas project. Atlas is the code-named project for Microsoft’s AJAX (Asynchonous Javascript and XML) project. This means that you can use the tools and make server callbacks without refreshing the browser window to provide “live” updates to your pages, etc. Check it out at http://atlas.asp.net!

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Ziff Davis Brings APC to Wilkes-Barre

September 13th, 2005 at Sallie Mae in Wilkes-Barre - Attendance is limited, reserve your seat today!

Join your peers for a Real-time InfraStruXureTM Award Dinner. APC customers around the country are opening their doors to your IT community.

Enjoy a peer-to-peer discussion while viewing first-hand the industry’s only on-demand architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI). The demonstration of APC InfraStruXure™ to be followed by a networking event at a local restaurant.

“I learned a lot during this educational evening. The unit being demonstrated was the same model as we will be installing in the next couple of months, so it helped me to understand how it will be used better.” –Attendee: APC Real-time InfraStruXure Award Dinner

“This event was above any existing expectations that I had. The real kicker was being able to interact with the host IT-Department’s personnel, and really getting a feeling about how pleased they were with the move to APC InfraStruXure__TM__. The APC rep was top-notch, and gave sincere, direct answers to all my questions.” –Attendee: APC Real-time InfraStruXure Award Dinner

_“_It was an incredible display of how in less than a year you can go from a horrible server room to a beautifully ran data center, both clean and professional. I was very impressed.” –Attendee: APC Real-time InfraStruXure Award Dinner

The demonstration is of an actual live system at one of our InfraStruXure customer’s locations.

Plus, all attendees will receive a free Professional Surge Arrest from APC!

Check-In 5:00 pm
Tour and Discussion 5:00 - 6:30 pm
Dinner at nearby upscale restaurant- 6:30 pm (location TBA)

In order for us to reserve your place in the discussion, we ask that you call the registration hotline at 888-215-4542 at your earliest convenience.

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Finally Moved In

Well, I’m nearly 100% moved in and unpacked. Some of the walls still look bare, but for the most part, I’m moved in. I’ll be posting pictures sometime this week. Next week I’m heading on vacation. When I return, I’ll have 2 hard weeks of wrapping up all loose ends before heading to Redmond to visit the gang at the Microsoft MVP Summit and ASPInsiders Summit. I hope to meet all of the MVPs that I have not yet met and can’t wait to see all my ASPInsider friends again.

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PDC 2005 Sold Out

The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference has officially sold out. There is now a waiting list. If you’re interested in attending and have not yet made reservations, visit http://www.microsoft.com/pdc for more details.

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