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Hello, I'm  jasongaylord Jason

I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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MSDN Freedom Roadshow in Scranton, PA on November 14th, 2008

Microsoft and .NET Valley would like to invite you to come to the MSDN Freedom Roadshow in Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 14th, 2008. The event will be held at Scranton University in Room 405 of the DeNaples Student Center and will begin at 9am. A schedule of events can be found below.

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Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Tricks

Stephen Walther has posted a great list of Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Tricks. I found 3 or 4 that I didn’t realize when checking out his post. The two I’ll likely use the most are number 1 and 3. Great stuff Stephen!

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Microsoft Releases ASP.NET MVC 1 Beta

Last evening, Scott Guthrie announced that ASP.NET MVC beta has been pushed out. There’s a ton of really cool, new features that have been added. Be sure to check out Scott’s book, err I mean post to read up on what new has been added. As Scott has mentioned in his post, click here to download it.  You can also visit asp.net/mvc to explore tutorials, quick starts, and videos to learn more.

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Silverlight 2 is here

Scott Guthrie announced yesterday that Silverlight 2 has been released. Rather than reposting everything he stated, you can read his original post here. Here are a few links to note:

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MVC: From Start to Blog

I gave a talk this past weekend at the Philly.NET Code Camp 2008.3. I’ve uploaded my slide deck, project, and a few additional files (used in the demo) in case anyone would like to review again. I was also able to find another way to fake HttpContext. Check out Stephen Walther’s blog post about faking the controller context. He also has a blog post about unit testing the views without a web server.

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ASP.NET Podcast: Routing with ASP.NET

Wally is at it again (finally). He just released his latest podcast after being away since mid-August. Anyway, his podcast is about a new feature in ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 (formerly the ASP.NET 3.5 extensions) called Routing. Routing can be done using System.Routing, ASP.NET MVC, or 3rd party plug-ins such as NVelocity. Check out this podcast to find out more:

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My Syndication at FeedBurner – Using Your Domain

Awhile back, one of my friends over at Telligent, Scott Watermasysk, posted a message regarding FeedBurner and hosting your own RSS feeds. FeedBurner is a web application owned by Google that hosts syndicated feeds and provides statistics based on those feeds such as the number of viewers. Scott recommended setting the MyBrand feature of FeedBurner to point to your own site and creating a CName entry with your domain’s DNS. You can read more about that here: http://simpable.com/technology/feedburner-cname/.

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DirecTV Needs Staging and Testing

As a software developer, you know that best practices recommend testing and even staging environments. Evidently, DirecTV lacks that or is really missing something. Sometime today, they released a software update that sent nearly all of their HD receivers into some sort of lock-down. Their solution: hold down the reset button for 15 seconds, then hit the power button, then wait up to 15 minutes. Not quite. It simply doesn’t work. The best part is, they aren’t deploying this on 20 different browsers or several different OS’s on a variety of hardware. Rather, they are deploying this to 3 types of HD boxes – all that have been released in the past 24 months. Unless I’m missing something, that seems like a no-brainer for a multi-million dollar, publicly traded company.

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Debugging ASP.NET MVC Routing

One of the most critical pieces to MVC is routing users to the proper controller. During the development process, you must keep in mind that routes will take users to the first pattern that matches. It’s not that difficult to create patterns that are too similar that users are routed to the incorrect place. Phil Haack, from the ASP.NET team, has created a cool library to help routes. You can download his library at http://haacked.com/archive/2008/03/13/url-routing-debugger.aspx. When you download the library, be sure to place it in your bin directory and add a reference to it within your project. He’s updated it for MVC Preview 5.

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Microsoft MVP… Again!

I just received word that I’ve been awarded with the Microsoft MVP award for ASP.NET for 2009. I’ve been a Microsoft MVP since 2003. It’s always nice to receive the MVP award, but it’s even better to see the impact that you have on the community. Six years ago, Northeastern Pennsylvania had no user group. In fact, most developers and IT professionals had no idea that Microsoft had a new .NET Framework. Things have changed. Many companies now use the framework and our user group has expanded to include IT professional and open source content. We’ve hosted events at our area’s best colleges and universities including Scranton University, Penn State – Lehman, and Luzerne County Community College. We’ve held an annual event called TechBash that has had as many as 125 at the event. I need to thank the community for this award. I hope we continue to grow technology in the area.

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