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Hello, I'm  jasongaylord Jason

I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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Microsoft Incentives for Licensing

Ever receive those spam messages saying that you can save up to 50% on your Microsoft licensing? Well, you can. Microsoft has a website for submitting rebates and for viewing licensing incentives. To see what I mean, visit MicrosoftIncentives.com.

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Find Exploits In Nearly Anything

HD Moore, a popular hacker, has recently updated his controversial exploit framework called Metasploit Framework. This framework has plug-in modules to allow users to test everything from their browsers to their operating system and from certain applications to their web server. One of the most interesting modules is the CSS exploit module in which HD Moore created a web test for. You can try out the test here. Also, check out HD Moore’s Month of Browser Bugs blog at http://browserfun.blogspot.com/.

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Off Topic: Selling 2 Domain Names

I’m selling two domain names I’ve had for awhile. They are courseknowledge.com and courseknowledge.net. I have them up on eBay, but if anyone is interested in them, ping me. You can view my eBay listing on these here.

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Starting Up A User Group

Julie Lerman pointed out a great blog series about starting up a user group. The series was put together by Donald Belcham of the Edmonton .NET User Group. You can see the series here.

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2007 Office System Possibly Delayed

Go figure, the 2007 Office System might be delayed again according to eWeek. That will be a bummer.

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Flood of 2006 Photos

Wow! We definitely got lucky. I have placed three flood albums on my site. Many of the best pictures aren’t online because we were more worried about saving valuables, houses, and stores that we didn’t have time to break and take pictures. Between sand bags and wet shoes, I was able to snap a few:

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Severe Flooding Issues in NEPA

For those of you that are familiar with the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area of Northeastern Pennsylvania, be sure to visit www.wnep.com for pictures and river levels. Up to this point, no storm in the history of the Wyoming Valley has been more devastating to low-lying and mountains in this are than this storm. The creek behind my house is still 5 feet below the first floor level. However, folks in the “Back Mountain” region aren’t so lucky. The Huntsville Damn by Penn State Lehman is being watched carefully as there may be a potential breech in the damn wall. The river is supposed to crest at or around the stage of the 1972 Agnes flood.

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DotNetSlackers announced ATLAS Contest

DotNetSlackers announced an ATLAS contest back in May and I just discovered it now. :-) If you build a cool Atlas control or extender then you might be eligible to win a free subscription of MSDN Premium. To find out more about the contest, click here.

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XHTML Compliant Symbols/Extended Characters

I’ve added another item to the HTML Reference Guide on my website. This section lists XHTML compliant symbols and extended character set with their appropriate XHTML codes. You can check out this installment by clicking here.

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What I was doing while everyone else was at TechEd...

I said I’d post a summary of our vacation, landscaping job, and my new digital camera to my ASP.NET blog and I have. You can read what I was doing while everyone else was at TechEd here.

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