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from Northeast PA
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Hello, I'm  jasongaylord Jason

I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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Are you near Northeast PA? Come to TECHbash 2007 for FREE!

We are almost 2 weeks away from TECHbash 2007. It’s kind of hard to believe how much hype is surrounding this event. We’ve seen our registration double in the past week alone. If you haven’t registered for this event yet, be sure to register…

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Awhile back, Scott W. had mentioned Twitter in a conversation. Today I cam across the website and decided to setup an account. We’ll see how well it goes.

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Our Little One Shows Up

I’ve been offline a lot lately preparing the arrival of our little one. Arianna Theresa was born on April 20th at 4:54pm. She was 8lbs 5oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing just fine. I’ll be offline for the remainder of the week but figured I’d post a quick picture at http://www.jasongaylord.com/photos/Details.aspx?AlbumID=185&Page=0. Everyone wish me luck!

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DNS Exploit Announced

There is a Microsoft DNS exploit that is allowing a new worm (virus) called W32/Delbot-AI to attack machines, turning them into a zombie PC. For more information about the worm, visit http://www.sophos.com/security/analyses/w32delbotai.html?_log_from=rss.

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TECHbash 2007 is a Month Away! Register Today!

TECHbash 2007 is now officially one month away. It’s hard to believe that in four weeks you’ll have access to some of the latest topics and concepts in the technology world. Don’t hesitate, be sure to sign-up today at http://techbash.com/registration…

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Register Again for TECHbash 2007!

Even if you registered already for TECHbash 2007, be sure to register again to be certain we have your registration. Some registrations did not contain any sessions and we want to be sure we have your spot (and your swag), ready for you! Visit techbash.com/registration.

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Daily WTF - Deleting SQL Data (or Properly Formatting SQL)

We’ve been having an issue with one of our database tables’ mysteriously deleting data at random. We could have swore it was some sort of SQL intrusion or code bug. We leaned towards SQL intrusion because this database has been in use for quite some time. However, that was not the case. A new Stored Procedure that touched this table was added recently. In quick review, it didn’t appear that anything was wrong. Here it is:

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FIX: Random ASP.NET Compilation Issues Resolved

Scott Guthrie posted a fix on his blog yesterday regarding random ASP.NET compilation issues. I’ve received these issues before when working on projects especially the following type of issue:

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Debugging ASP.NET Pages that use the AJAX UpdatePanel

I ran into an issue earlier today where I had a web control inside of an UpdatePanel that was causing some errors. So, I began looking for ways to circumvent removing the UpdatePanel and reading it at a later time. I posted a message out on the ASPAdvice.com lists and received 2 great responses. One was from Mike Campbell who pointed me to the “official” debugging page on AJAX (http://ajax.asp.net/docs/overview/ASPNETAJAXDebuggingAndTracingOverview.aspx). The other was from Wally McClure who pointed out that since the issue was server side, I had two options. First, I could have attached VS.NET to the IIS process on the remote machine (although the machine would have needed Visual Studio Remote Debugging enabled). Or, I could modify the script manager on my site. I opted for the second option. I created a Page\_Init event on my master page which is where the script manager is located. I then set the SupportsPartialRendering property to False. This allowed me to see the server side error messages.

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Announcing TECHbash 2007 (Northeastern Pennsylvania)

TECHbash 2007 TECHbash 2007 will be on Saturday, May 19th, 2007 from 8:30am until 2:30pm at Luzerne County Community College. More specific details about the event can be found at techbash.com . What is TECHbash 2007? Today’s IT professionals and…

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