I have been working on a downloadable and installable mail server. The mail server is based on a previous release given to me by Lumisoft, a development company oversees. The mail server will be available for beta testing sometime late next week. I finally fixed an issue I was having with the service installation and uninstallation. Actually, now that I have gotten to this point, I realized that the Win MSI I have created actually forces me to install and uninstall the service in a less clean manner. Anyway, for most Win Services, there are a few basic techniques you can use to install, uninstall, start, and stop the services. I have compiled these into a little utility in which I will post the link for download on this blog site in the next few days. In the meantime, a fellow blogger has helped explain the basics. Unfortunately, I was already past that point, but his insight will indeed help others in the future. You can read his suggestions by visiting the WindowsForms.com Forums.

As for the server, it will be released for beta this next week. I am going to offer a free version for download and the full source and compiled program on CD for some amount just to cover the CD, label, and time it took to send it off to my peers. Be on the lookout as it has already been hyped up to be one tough e-mail server!