I recently had two great speakers at my User Group. The first one started with Charles Carroll. He spoke about Data Access Layers, Web Services and the Utility Belt. He also gave away swag to the attending members. Then later this week I had invited Julie Lerman (in which her parents probably thanked me the most - lol) to speak to the group about streaming. That speech was absolutely phenomenal. We had a very small group for her speech, however, she tailored the speech to fit each of the individuals. She too gave away some swag.

In July, I will be presenting to the group about Enterprise Services; When I say Enterprise Services I am referring to Business Application Integration and not the namespace. This speech will focus on setting up users on the network in various applications using the framework and a simple form.

In August, .Net Valley will more than likely play host to Steve Smith of ASP Alliance. In October, we may be visiting our close friends in Philadelphia to welcome Steve Walther. There are a few others in the mix, but I don’t want to make any promises as of now.

If anyone is interested in speaking, let me know! We love to have visitors to my area. Even though our group is rather small, we do have an interest that will continue to grow as local colleges (including one this fall) begin to add a .Net curriculum on their schedule. We also like teaming with our close friends in PA (ie Philly UG, Central PA UG, and even Pittsburgh’s UG) to see speakers. So, if your in the area or want to visit PA (not like its the best thing since sliced bread), let me know!!!