Today I was building an assembly in C#. I received an error saying, CS1607: Assembly generation -- Referenced assembly 'Assembly Name' is a localized satellite assembly. After lots of fussing, I figured out that the reason I was receiving that error was because of incorrect data in the AssemblyCulture property. In the AssemblyInfo.cs (or whatever your file is called with the version information), I had to change the [assembly: AssemblyCulture("en")] to [assembly: AssemblyCulture("")]. That fixed the issue!

Now my task was to really use my brain to think why that happened. Well, the AssemblyCulture is set so the code is compiled for a particular “culture.” The cultured assembly is considered a satellite assembly since it is wrapped for a particular culture. This is where globalization takes place. Since I’ve never had the need to use globalization, I think it was a bit difficult to figure out the issue.