You can add personalization to your ASP.NET 2.0 website by adding a Profile section to your web.config file. After you setup your properties, you can begin to add, edit, retrieve, and remove these properties from a profile. Most users like to set personalized properties when they first establish account. By default, the CreateUser control does not include a step to ask for these profile properties. So, you must create your own step. When you get finished adding in your fields, modify the step’s next button click event. In the subroutine, add the information to the profile. This can be accomplished by using something similar to this:

Profile.GetProfile(CreateUserWizard1.UserName).NickName = NickNameTextBox.Text

In this example, the Profile property NickName is added to the profile for the username specified in the CreateUserWizard control. At this point this user is already added and we can now add their profile properties. If you don’t include this step in the CreateUserWizard control, you can follow the same procedure and replace CreateUserWizard1.UserName with Membership.GetUser.UserName. This will set the profile value for the logged in user.