This morning while listening to the radio I heard a story about a woman receiving an email. The email she received talked about a girl being approached in a parking lot by 2 guys looking to sell perfume. As the story goes, she received some scratch and sniff samples from these men and ended up passing out. While she was out, she was robbed.

This isn’t a true story. In fact, there are many false stories or “urban legends” that are passed around via email. Folks who have not heard these before are likely to forward these legends off to coworkers, family, and friends.

If you are in an environment that receives similar emails, you should make your users aware. There is a website called with a listing of various email hoaxes. Users (or administrators) should delete these emails and not forward them off. The scariest thing about this is that some day a virus can accompany one of these emails!

-- Just some food for thought.