Mayor Tom Leighton announced earlier this week that he had an “unbelievable” announcement for Wilkes-Barre. It turns out that it was more of an “unbelievable” disappointment. Here is the blurb from the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader:

Mayor Tom Leighton’s much awaited announcement of something “UNBELIEVABLE” coming to Wilkes-Barre turned out to be not a new business or industry for the city but instead a new marketing plan that Leighton hopes will foster a more optimistic attitude. The program centers on the phrase “I Believe…” and will seek to get people more involved and more positive about the city’s future.

For the WNEP article, click here.

In my opinion, the mayor should have waited to line-up some of the new things he looks to do in the city and then make the announcement. I will support the new attitude, but I hope there are some positive results.

Anyway, the real announcement should be that the GoodYear blimp flew overhead today in a rare Northeastern Pennsylvania sighting. Some that I talked to have said the last time it was overhead was in 1969. Anyway, I was able to snag a few photos and placed them on my website. Enjoy!