I’ve been using IE 7 now for over a week and noticed a few bugs.

  1. Visiting some web sites that utilize the browscaps.ini file can cause unusual 500 errors for the sites. I’ve seen this while visiting www.skmmenu.com. This has been documented on the skmmenu project board at http://www.gotdotnet.com/workspaces/messageboard/thread.aspx?id=a8ee64df-8f2a-483f-8594-10aaa66988ce&threadid=29bb6250-e618-4b99-b382-942ae04d18d1. It appears that IE 7 has a version listed as 7.0b. The final release will drop the ‘b’.
  2. IE has always stored the URL history in IE. It still does with IE7 unless you disable it. However, if you use the URL drop-down box and choose URLs, at random (and speed of clicking), you will receive error messages like ‘“www.msn.com” is offline’.
  3. When using add-ins like the Google Toolbar, when popups are blocked, the browser changes to the second tab.

If you find any others, post your bugs here after submitting them to Microsoft.