I read a post last week by Steve Smith about DotNetSlackers. It’s pretty cool. All you have to do is create a profile and choose receive newsletter. Once you create a profile, click on Email Service in the profile menu. Choose the technologies you’d like to receive blog entries on. Then, you’ll receive an email in your inbox that appears similar to this:

Hello Jason,

Here are your news items for 18 Oct 2005…. website as: http://www.dotnetslackers.com.

Total News: 10

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SMO Changes in September CTP (Don Kielys Technical Blatherings)
server = (cboServers.Text); db = (server, cboDatabases.Text); db.Drop(); HelpLink=”http://go.microsoft.com/fwlinkProdName=M…

SQL Server logins and SIDs (Pluralsight Blogs)
I just spent about 30 minutes debugging something really dumb and I thought I’d post here in case I can save someone that time. I’m working on some deployment scripts, and part of what they do is crea…

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I checked with the website’s author, our good friend Sonu Kapoor, and all of my blogs are included. So, if you like to read my boring blog, you’ll continue to receive updates. ;)