As some of you may already know, I’ve been swamped lately. Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing a lot of programming. If you’ve ever heard the expression when it rains, it pours, it’s definitely true! During November and December of 2005, we migrated our accounting systems successfully from Microsoft Navision 2.01 to Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006. In theory, that should be a step back. However, thanks to the SBA SDK, it was a step forward. We were able to offer integration with other applications that we utilize, something that Navision using the Navision database and file structure, really couldn’t do. Our goal is that within the next 2 years that we’ll upgrade to the new Microsoft Dynamics system. Then, we received notice that we were acquiring a fairly large portion of another company. This acquisition nearly doubled the size of the same department within our organization. Thus, I’ve been traveling between the two places every week since January. Hopefully April will bring more than just Spring showers and I’ll be able to build apps on 2.0 once again. :)