Usually I try not to post about topics not pertaining to technology, but in the case, I think it was warranted. Before the US went to war with Iraq is 2003, gas prices in Northeastern Pennsylvania were around $1.69 - $1.79 and milk was around $2.59 a gallon. On my drive to work today, I noticed a gas station changing it’s price to $2.69 for gas. Just the other day I bought a gallon of milk for that same price. That means that in two years, when the rest of the US was going on a 3% inflation rate (according to, gas prices started their 65%-70% rise. That seems to be a bit ridiculous. During the summer of 2003, gas prices were blamed on the war. In 2004, the same excuse was used. Last summer, gas prices were blamed on the amount of lumber being sent oversees to rebuild Irag and also the horrible weather in the US shutting down some oil refineries in the Gulf for days (weeks, months?). What’s the excuse this year? It can’t be because of the hard winter we had because in my opinion, it seemed as though we didn’t have winter. It can’t be because of the war because more and more troops are being pulled out. So what is it? I remember when I was in high school (just a short time ago) and I put in $5 of gas for the week. Now, $5 won’t last a day. When is this going to stop???