Within the past 3 years, Google has taken aim at Microsoft and visa versa. Nearly all services and/or planned services have been countered by the other. Here is a current (as of this post) list comparing Microsoft and Google products:

Microsoft Google
MSN Search Google.com
MS Office StarOffice
Hotmail GMail
MSN Toolbar Google Toolbar
Windows Desktop Search Google Desktop
Windows Live Messenger (MSN IM) Google Talk
Local.Live.Com Local.Google.Com
Virtual Earth Google Earth
MSN and Live.com Personalized Google
Office Live Google Page Creator
Windows Live Shopping Froogle
Vista/Live.com Gadgets Google Dashboard Widgets for Mac
Script# Google GWT

The two most recent are the and Nikhil Kothari’s Script#. I created a sample Google Pages site and for most GMail users (non-technical), it might work. However, there is almost no functionality.

The only thing that Microsoft has on Google (as far as products, not necessarily quality, etc) is the XBox and XBox Live.