If you don’t know me, I’m more than just your average fanatic. Over the years I’ve had to hear people talk about how they overspend and how they only pick up allstars and how the Red Sox are better. Well, if ESPN’s Page 2 can finally admit that’s not the case, then maybe you should too. There were at least 3 games this year that the Yankees played with less than 4 of their original starters. The all-star outfield of Matsui, Damon, and Sheffield now at times have had Melky Cabrara, Bernie Williams, and Terrance Long. We’ve had to deal with injuries to Posada, Jeter, Rodriguez, Giambi, Crosby, Rivera, Wright, Pavano, Chacon, Sturtze, Dotel, and Rasner on top of everything. Still, after last night, the Yankees are only 2 1/2 games behind Detroit for the best record in baseball and lead Boston in the AL East by half a game. So don’t count ‘em out. Not to throw a cliche out there for the rest of the baseball world but “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”