Sure, I’m gone for a week and I miss a ton! I’ll be sharing details about my vacation, my new toy, and my yard over the next few days, but I figured I’d provide a highlight reel from the past week in technology. Probably the most interesting announcement is that by July 2008, Bill Gates will no longer be a full time employee at Microsoft. I have a tough time believing that he will ever stop influencing that company. Another individual, Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft as well but in a more “permanent” fashion ;) . I also missed all of the cool and interesting presentations, releases, and talks at TechEd 2006 in Boston. However, from the sounds of it, the event location was not a good one. Then, Microsoft decided to change the name of WinFX to .NET 3.0. Can you believe that 2.0 hasn’t been out for a year yet and we already know 3.0 is on its way? Blinq was released by the ASP.NET team at TechNet as well. Blinq is a prototype application that will create add/edit/delete/select statements in LINQ based on your database schema for your app. Stephen Walther, Dave Sussman, and Alex Homer released their ASP.NET 2.0 books. All three of these guys are probably the top authors for ASP.NET. Finally, I saw that someone created a GoogleMaps control.

Wow! I sure missed a lot!!!