Well, I figured it was time for a bit of a change so I switched Community Server themes on my weblogs.asp.net blog. I’ve been quite busy lately dealing with various projects at my house and at work. We finally have 95% of our landscaping done. The only portion not completed is our pond in our back yard (and the grass that can’t grow because our weather is either 100 degrees F with 100% humidity or downpours of 2 inches an hour). We put in landscape lighting, spread more dirt and mulch, and put the pond in. I’ll get some updated pics up soon on the yard. At work, we received a new Dell 42 unit rack, new Dell IP, 16 port KVM switch and flat panel monitor tray, new web server, 5 new PCs, 1 new laptop, a broken 1910 AC unit in our server room (seriously?), and will soon have a new server room floor. That’s all besides the new product we are pushing out, a few articles I’m writing, and our user group. Phew! So where has the time gone lately? :-)