I have posted some more pics provided by a coworker from the Hazleton area. You can check them out at http://www.jasongaylord.com/photos/Photos.aspx?AlbumID=179. In addition, be sure to check out www.wnep.com for live shots of the Interstate highways and for other updates.

Also, a bit of a story for you. One of our executives was stuck on I81 on Valentine’s Day from 12:30pm until around midnight when our CEO picked him up on a road that runs parallel to the Interstate. So, he left his vehicle along the side of the road on I81. The road was cleared around 4am the next morning and his car was towed (since that time another part of 81 is shut down). Anyway, he looked for his car yesterday and couldn’t find it. He called 3 of the tow companies that were towing vehicles that night and none of them had it. Earlier today he received word his vehicle was found. I can’t even imagine that.