With Web 2.0 getting more and more publicity, you need to jump on the web 2.0 bandwagon now. AJAX and Silverlight can help you. I came across a posting on CIO.com called the Web 2.0 Rap (by Phillip Gordon):

“Now don’t you know
Web 2.0 is the way to go
You gotta go fast
Or you become the past
Whatever IT you got
Forget it dude, it ain’t hot
Like Web 2.0
It’s better than blow
You’ll get high on Web 2.0
Be a media star
Your career will go far
Only do it now the gurus say
Gotta get it done or you’re yesterday
Don’t think about it any more
Cause you don’t wanna be an IT bore
Beside they must know more than you
They paid so much and you’re just screwed
So do it now, Web 2.0
That’s it, so long, gotta go
I hear it call, Web 2.0.”

Isn’t that the truth?