I just read an article how AT&T refused to give a fire victim in Southern California any slack regarding one of their receivers. You can read the full article at http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/ATT-Wants-300-From-Wildfire-Victim-88826. How cruel! I cannot believe they wouldn’t provide any lenience with their bill. Before I start receiving tons of comments supporting AT&T’s position, let’s evaluate their position. Let’s examine the facts. According to CNN, at least 1,635 homes have been destroyed. Let’s assume that every one of these homes have a $300 receiver. That means that AT&T is out $490,500. According to AT&T’s 3rd Quarter report, their free cash flow after dividends totaled $2.4 billion and total revenue equaled $30.1 billion. So, the $490k is less than 1% of their free cash flow and total revenues. The other arguement that could be made is that AT&T is worried that others who were not affected by the fires could be using this to their advantage. My arguement to AT&T would be to work with the major insurance companies and request a claim number from their customers. Hopefully DSLReports.com receives a positive response from AT&T.