I received an email from DirecTV about my blog post on 6/2 (Note: this post is missing from my archives). They gave a 1-800 number and a 4-digit code so I can reach their team directly. I tried using that number and sat in a queue for nearly 20 minutes. Finally, someone answered and had no clue what my situation was. She placed me on hold for 5 minutes to review my account. Once she came back, she told me that I should have never ordered service with only 1 line. After my head spun completely around, I proceeded to ask her how DirecTV was going to fix this issue. She told me that “their” solution would be for me to purchase a Single Wire Multi-Switch (SWM) out of pocket. However, my one receiver wouldn’t work with it so I’d also have to upgrade that receiver to a DVR or HD receiver. In all, I’d be out $400. But, since I was a loyal customer, they’d provide me a $10 credit each month for 6 months. So, I’d still be out $340. I asked her repeatedly if this was what they told other customers and she said they usually don’t provide any credit. At this point I was extremely irate. 20 minutes later she offered a $10 credit each month for 12 months. I asked her to review with her supervisor and come back with her best offer before I switch service and after being on hold for 2 minutes, I was disconnected.

So, how does it make sense for someone to ask me to remain being a customer by paying $280 out of my own pocket when I can go elsewhere and not have to pay a dime? I’m really getting frustrated and I think I’m going to look into my options a bit further.

Thanks to all for providing feedback thus far.

Original Story: http://weblogs.asp.net/jgaylord/archive/2008/06/02/directv-the-story-of-bad-customer-service.aspx