Google Chrome has been announced and will be released at 3pm EST on September 2nd. More details to follow. All times below will be in EST.

2:08pm - Google’s shareholder conference about Chrome begins.

2:12pm - Showing how Amazon has changed since 1995. Idea of Chrome came from Google search.


2:13pm - Chrome - the borders of a web browser window, which include the window frames, menus, toolbars and scroll bars.


2:15pm - WebKit will power the core of Google Chrome. Google says if the site will work in Safari, it will work in Chrome.

2:17pm - V8 will power the javascript engine for better performance


2:19pm - Chrome will be released today for PCs; Mac and Linux are in development.


2:20pm - Chrome will be open source available on Google’s new Chromium open source web platform.


2:23pm - Ben is demonstrating the sliding tabs in the browser. Tabs can be reordered or moved to another instance of the browser.

2:28pm - Chrome will learn your favorite searches for instance hitting ‘A’ and ‘tab’, it will allow you to search amazon.

2:30pm - The 9 most visited sites will be on the main tab page. It will also show your bookmarks, favorite searches, and recently closed tabs.

2:35pm - Option called Create Application Shortcut. This basically creates a shortcut on the desktop that hides all of the toolbars and allows the shortcut to open with no toolbars.

2:38pm - Each process runs independently and allows each tab to render separately.

2:42pm - Each plug-in will be its own process. So, if you are on a page that you need to visit and the plug-in doesn’t work, you can kill the plug-in and continue browsing.


2:43pm - Even when a tab is stuck, you can still use Chrome.


2:51pm - V8 is being demonstrated in Chrome.

2:57pm - Hearing closing notes about how everyone on the team has used the product.

2:59pm - Google is saying that Mozilla could use V8 to improve their browser.

3:00pm - Questions being asked.

3:01pm - CBS News - tabs are supposed to snap back in to the browser? 3 minute test didn’t work.

3:02pm - How does this fit in with Android? Answer: Some features may be shared in the future?

3:03pm - Future plans beyond x86 platform? Answer: end users can compile the browser for other CPUs.

3:04pm - All of Google’s changes will be uploaded to WebKit.

3:05pm - Gears will work with HTML 5. Chrome is not the Operating System of web apps. New apps should come out because of enhanced performance of the browser.

3:07pm - Chrome will have an extension API after the initial beta.

3:09pm - Incognito feature does not hinder their advertising space. The incognito window is the tool used to create “web apps” for the desktop.

3:11pm - Chrome binaries are 7MB with all 42 languages bundled.

3:12pm - Google will continue to work and collaborate with Mozilla.

3:16pm - Google Search is still going to work the same and it’s not going to tailor the results based on previous searches (Search targeting). Search localization awareness is not currently in Chrome.

3:19pm - Google refused to comment on the Chrome team size. Chrome has been in development for 2 years.

I’m signing off of the Google Chrome Announcement Presentation which can be found at I will be posting more information/reviews about Google Chrome in the upcoming days.