I am expecting a package from the USPS and have been since Thursday. The package was too large for my mailbox, so I received a re-delivery notice. On Thursday night, I signed it and placed it in my mailbox. It was picked up on Friday and the package wasn’t on the truck for redelivery. Thinking that maybe they didn’t bring the package out for redelivery on Friday just because, I waited for Saturday. Sure it was pouring rain all day, but I never received my package on Saturday either. Today I called the post office. They told me that they didn’t have the package there and it was likely at the regional post office for delivery. I called there and they took down my tracking number but said it was impossible for them to track the package on their computer system. I can’t believe the USPS doesn’t have a software package to allow better tracking. They have to rely on the people that work there. I was told that the gentleman that worked the weekend shift wouldn’t be in until late morning and when he came in, they’d ask him if he knew where it was. They finally took my phone number and said they’d call back.

Dear Postmaster,

I’m still waiting for my call back about my package that was shipped 2-3 day priority last Monday and still has yet to arrive. I’ve followed your pen and paper protocol with the re-delivery notice on Thursday and have yet to hear about my package. Please advise.

- Jason, one grumpy USPS customer