For those not at the MSDN Freedom Roadshow in Scranton, PA today, you are missed a good show. Here’s what happened:

  • David Solivan – David presented a talk called UI, UX, U confused? The purpose was to show the various options we have and to explain when one option may be better than another by stepping through the design process. There’s a URL he had mentioned during his talk that will show your best options. Check it out at
  • Lindsay Rutter started off by talking about the PDC 08. She mentioned that all should come out and attend the MSDN Conference in New York City. The best part is that PDC was between $2000 and $3000 per developer. The MSDN conference is $99. Furthmore, Lindsay plugged our user group, .NET Valley. If you are not a member, join today! Also, register for the MSDN Flash newsletter. It’s a great way to get the latest news on events, news, and more.
  • Lindsay then decided to build an ADO.NET Entity Framework based on David’s proof of concept app he spoke about earlier.
  • Dani Diaz followed up Lindsay by showing how to use a WCF/REST solution for connecting to the Entity Framework and serving up the data. He also showed how to use MVC, jQuery, and Json during his talk. Dani recommended following Rob Bagby’s and Dan Rigsby for more information about WCF/REST.
  • Lindsay came after Dani and talked about how XAML and WPF works for developers and designers. She also showed off the final product including the UI/UX decisions, EF stuff, WCF, and WPF that we saw throughout the day.
  • Finally, Dani wrapped up the day by talking about IE8 development.

Great work team! I hope the MSDN team visits Scranton more often!