I’m just wrapping up a trip to Eastern Tennessee’s CodeStock 2011 (in Knoxville to be precise). While I was down here, I presented on the Orchard CMS. Both the conference and talk were great and while I’m never really satisfied with any of my talks, I have recorded it. It will soon be available on the CodeStock website for all to view at a later date and time. However, I know that Michael Neel is quite busy and it may take him another day (or week) to get everything up there. So, I’ve jumped the gun and published it up myself. Be sure to check it out:

Grow Your Website Using Orchard from Jason Gaylord on Vimeo.

By now you probably have heard of a new content management system called Orchard. You may already have a CMS, but this one that’s been released by The Outercurve Foundation is different. We’ll discuss some of the features and benefits to using Orchard. We’ll also see some tips and tricks. By the end of this session, you’ll not only have an understanding of how to use Orchard, but will have a fully functional website as an added bonus.