Scott Guthrie has announced on his blog that as of this very moment, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebAPI, and WebPages with Razor syntax have all been open sourced on CodePlex at That’s huge news. Oh and the ASP.NET Web Stack can be repo’d using TFS, SubVersion, Mercurial, and newly added Git.

So, you may be thinking “This sounds cool. But, what does it mean for me?” It means your awesome. It means that you can now take your favorite features and patches to their framework and submit it back to the team for review. It means you can use their framework when it is eventually ported over to Mono and other open-source platforms. It means, you’ll eventually be able to run ASP.NET wherever you’d like.

Be sure to check it out and provide feedback to the team. If you’re not sure what type of feedback to provide, choose from the following:

  • “The ASP.NET team just knocked it out of the park with this: Go OSS!”
  • “ScottGu and his team delivered yet again.”
  • “Who said that Microsoft can’t release software using an open source license?”
  • “Congrats to the ASP.NET team for, yet again, exceeding expectations!”

Your choice. In the meantime, great job Microsoft!