Remember back in August when Acer’s JT Wang suggested that if Microsoft priced the Surface with Windows RT at $199 that it would negatively impact it’s partners and vendors? So now that the Apple event is over and we heard Apple announce the iPad Mini at $329, here’s where the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT stands in terms of price:

Since it’s the more expensive option at this point, doesn’t include the full type cover as initially thought (without additional charges), and only includes Office 2013 Home and Student Edition, does the Surface still stand a chance in the marketplace? I’m curious to know how others feel about this.

Despite everything, I’m still interested in the Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 application developer. For enterprise users, Windows 8 seems to be the best of both worlds, something that arguably Apple still can’t capture. During Apple’s press conference today, they mentioned that they have 125 million documents in the cloud. They also announced that they’ve sold over 100 million iPads. This means that there’s just over 1 document in the cloud per person. That’s not too impressive. The other thing they mentioned is that developers made over $6.5 billion (with a ‘b’) on applications in the App Store. However, they failed to mention that this also translates to $2.79 billion that Apple themselves have pocketed for developers hard earned dollars. Microsoft is changing the game, slightly, for developers by offering an 80/20 split after the application has made $25,000 in the Microsoft Store.

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