Windows 8 has done a great job with syncing settings across machines. So good in fact that you can even see what you’ve “purchased” from the Windows Store and what you’ve “purchased” that is not installed. I’m using the term “purchased” loosely as this infers that you’ve downloaded and includes free apps.

So, how do we sync theses application installations? Quite easily.

Go into the Windows Store, right click or swipe down) and choose the item at the top that says “Your Apps”.


When that loads, you’ll notice a drop down that shows Apps not installed on this PC. If you choose it, you’ll see all of the Windows 8 machines that are tied to your Microsoft Live account.


You can choose any of these machines to see what’s installed on that machine, select all of the apps that you’d like to install, and install them to the current machine.

So far, the only caveat that I’ve found (though I’m sure there’s someway to do it), is that my start menu items and groups are not sync’d between machines. If I could get that, this would be a huge win. Until then, cheers!