So I’m asked quite often who I use for hosting. There was a time when I hosted my own stuff and co-owned a small, regional hosting firm. In fact, at one point, I think we had nearly 50 business customers. However, time has passed and the hosting space became way too competitive for us. We didn’t have a multi-location infrastructure and the most complex load-balancing method we used was DNS load balancing. Even though we started to back off from business hosting, I still hosted my own site. That is, until one of my good friends, Brad Kingsley, had approached me about testing out a new service they were going to be providing.

If you don’t know Brad, he is the founder and CEO of Orcsweb. Even though companies such as Rackspace or GoDaddy are more recognizable, Orcsweb has still found a way to succeed and host some really popular websites and web applications.

Cytanium is a service that Brad’s team had developed a few years ago. It is a Windows shared hosting service that offers reliable Windows hosting at a reasonable price. In fact, you can get Windows hosting for as cheap as $2.50 per month! You can also get VPS hosting through them. I’d definitely recommend checking them out.