This was long overdue. For quite some time now, I was running a very old version of Orchard CMS. I was also using a low-cost shared hosting provider. My site was sluggish and would time out… often. I decided it was time to switch to Orcsweb shared hosting. I spoke with Brad Kingsley who recommended that I make the switch. Since jumping to Orcsweb, I’ve been happy with the extremely efficient service and the response time of my site. However, I wasn’t done. I spoke with Abhishek KumarLuv regarding my Orchard instance. We’ve chatted in the past via Twitter and I know that he has had experience upgrading. He offered his services to convert my site to Orchard 1.7.1. Kudos to him. Although the site was already running extremely efficient over at Orcsweb, he made it run even better.

I have nothing but thanks and praise for both Abhishek and Orcsweb. Hopefully you consider Orcsweb to host your site and be sure to visit Abhishek’s website