On Friday, I had blogged about how Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer had an issue with the Copy URL functionality. I found out late last night that this has been resolved in version 1.13.1 which is available immediately by visiting https://github.com/microsoft/AzureStorageExplorer/releases and will be propagated to the Windows Update servers within the next 12-24 hours.

This update also has the following hotfixes:

  • For Blob snapshot URLs, the snapshot ID is now present both for Copy URL and in the Properties dialog. #2788
  • Several properties were missing from the Properties dialog for Blobs. All missing properties have been restored. #2940
  • When generating a SAS for an emulator Blob or container, the emulator account name was missing. This has been fixed. #2948
  • If you used a stored access policy while creating a Blob SAS, the SAS would incorrectly be a container SAS. This has been fixed. #2981

Be sure to get the latest version and try it out!