The kids have had to stay home since mid-March due to COVID-19. Each of them had their own machine to do work. The boys were taking turns sharing an old Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 that was 6 years old. As I prepared the laptop for its initial use, I noticed that the battery wasn’t taking a charge. Looking at the Lenovo site, most of the parts could no longer be found. Sure I could get a used battery off of eBay, but I began searching Amazon. I found a compatible L12M4P21 laptop battery on Amazon:

L12M4P21 Laptop Battery

Priced at under $50, I knew I couldn’t beat the price and figured I’d take a chance on it. You can grab the same model I did at (Amazon)[]. However, upon checkout, I remembered that I needed a new set of screwdrivers as the old set I had was missing. Again, poking around Amazon, I found a 19 piece precision screwdriver set for around $10:

Precision Screwdriver Set of 19

You can pick up that same set at (Amazon)[].

Finally, I thought the machine would last until the summer. Everything was going great until one day when Brayden was using it, he asked why it just shut off. Upon boot, I noticed there was a “Missing hard disk” error. Sure enough, the SSD finally failed. After opening and finding that it took an mSATA drive, I went back to Amazon. I found a 512 GB DATARAM model at (Amazon)[]. Again, for under $50:


After repairing all of the hardware, I noticed that the machine is performing quite well. In fact, it was probably sitting on the shelf for the past two years because of the failing hardware. All of the parts have been working great. If you have a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 or are simply looking for some encouragement to replace the hardware sitting on your shelf, I hope this post inspires you.

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