The past few days I’ve had a hardware theme. I’m going to stick with the theme with this latest post. COVID-19 has surely inspired me to clean out my office and straighten things up. I came across so many old DVDs, CDs, and even floppy disks. I’d check each and if the files were worth saving, I’d copy them to my cloud storage, which happens to be OneDrive, and then toss the storage medium. I came across a bunch of 3.5” floppy disks that I wasn’t sure what they contained. Since I was intrigued, I decided to see if I could find a USB floppy disk drive. Sure enough, Amazon had one that was supported on Windows 10:

3.5 inch USB Floppy Disk Drive

This was another great success. I was able to pick one up for around $20 by visiting (Amazon)[].

As I started poking around, I found many of my old QBasic applications and files from high school. It’s pretty neat to look back and reminisce about something that I grew up with and how important it was to make sure the slider was in the right position if I didn’t want to accidentally overwrite or delete files.

What are some of the old technology that you have used that you still power on from time to time?