Zeplin is used by many designers to collaborate with developers and deliver content created in Sketch, Figma, and Adobe products in a concise and uniform manner. Zeplin already had integrations with other collaboration applications such as Slack, Trello, and Jira. Development IDEs, such as Visual Studio Code, have been the one area that Zeplin was not integrated with… until now.

Late last week, Zeplin had announced a new extension that will help prevent developers from jumping out of their IDE to check out designs.

Zeplin Extension installed inside of my Visual Studio Code instance.

From the Zeplin extension you can choose a workspace, such as your Personal workspace. From there, you’ll be able to filter on project or style guides to add to the explorer. This will allow developers to quickly follow design changes and access the designs they may be working on.

You can install the extension for VS Code from the marketplace here.

Hopefully the next step will be for Zeplin to integrate more deeply with Azure DevOps and GitHub. I’d like to be able to report bugs to those sources and not just Jira.