As previously mentioned, I recently replaced my Surface Book 2 with a Surface Book 3. Along with the Surface Book 3, I ordered a Surface Dock 2. I had not realized when I ordered the Surface Dock 2 that the video ports on the dock are USB-C. The dock lacks any other video port connection. So, I ordered USB-C to Display Port cables in hopes that would work.

While the USB-C cables were delayed in shipping, I had been using my original Surface Dock. I noticed that one of my older monitors was not being recognized. After some digging I found that some older monitor models do not work properly with the video cards found in the Surface Book 3. This resulted in two new monitors and USB-C to USB-C cables.

In the monitor search, most decent 4k monitors are still priced pretty high. I wasn’t looking to do any gaming on these screens, though they can handle them. Rather, I’d spend most of the time on these screens using Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, and a web browser. I found the ViewSonic VP2771. The 4K model was around $200 more, so I stuck with the 2K model since I’d be ordering 4 monitors.

ViewSonic VP2771

These monitors are probably one of the best looking monitors that ViewSonic has made. Unlike ViewSonic monitors of the past, this model has a very slim bevel on the side. I measured it to be around 1.2mm on the top, left, and right sides. The bottom is around 1cm high – just enough for a small ViewSonic logo and the sensors for the menu.

I connected both monitors to the dock using USB-C cables from Cable Matters. Hoping that I’d get lucky to use just the single cable to power and display video to the monitors, it didn’t work. It did as a video cable, but not to send power. At this point I believe the issue is with the support for power within the ViewSonic monitors and not the dock or cables.

Regardless, I’m happy with my psuedo setup at home and hope over the next couple of months to continue to transform my home office into a dual purpose work and home office.

Work From Home Setup with 2x 27 inch ViewSonic VP2771 and a Surface Book 3