A problem that many businesses have had for years is working with other organizations to find a common time to meet. Microsoft has built a tool called FindTime that requires Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) and makes it easy to find a common time to meet. In fact, I use this outside of my day to day. My personal email account is setup on a $5/mo Microsoft 365 account. I’ve enabled FindTime for my account. So, if I need to find a time to meet, for example scheduling a pizza party for one of my kid’s sports teams, I can simply send out a poll with a list of time slots and let the team vote. At the end of voting, if there is one clear “winning” time slot, the appointment will be auto-scheduled and the other temporary holds on your calendar will disappear. If there are multiple slots there are more options. You can even schedule a Microsoft Teams or Skype meeting this same way.

Here is more about FindTime:

You can get started today by enabling FindTime for your organization (or Microsoft 365 account). Click the FindTime icon below to get started.

Get started with FindTime from Microsoft for Outlook and O365