Since mid-March, I’ve been working remote. That’s 136 calendar days and 94 working days. Right after the 4th of July, our place of business opened up for around 5-10% of our workforce. One week later, we pulled them back out to comply with the restrictions from the Pennsylvania governor. Schools have been talking about doing all in-person, all remote learn, and a hybrid solution for the better part of the summer thus far. Just yesterday, two Major League Baseball games were postponed due to concerns over COVID-19. Late summer fairs have been cancelled and Black Friday is changing. Google has asked it’s entire team to work remote until summer 2021. So, I’m curious, what is your place of employment doing to prepare for the rest of 2020? Are you working remote for the rest of the year? Are you already back in the office? How are you leveraging technology as time passes? Leave a comment below.

GitHub Renaming Default Branch

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