Two years ago, I replaced our door lock with a new Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt lock. Schlage is just one company that offers Z-Wave locks. At the time, I purchased a Samsung Smartthings hub as it was one of the only ways to integrate the door lock with Amazon Alexa.

After the first six months, the lock integration didn’t always work. Alexa worked wonderful and would even notify us that our front door was unlocked (if the communication was working) when we’d set our Amazon Ring alarm system. The issue wasn’t the lock and it wasn’t Alexa. It was the Smartthings hub communicating with the lock. Recently, Ring updated their Z-Wave capabilities to include other devices such as locks. As of today, not only can I lock and unlock from Ring or Alexa, I can even reset the passcodes without needing to program the lock at the lock. I can even set my alarm to disarm if a valid code was entered at the lock.

I highly recommend checking out the new Z-Wave functionality in Ring. If you don’t have a smart lock, I recommend the Schlage Connect smart locks. The lock I have is shown installed below:

Schlage Connect Camelot BE469