Microsoft Press has Introducing Machine Learning on sale at 50% off this week for only $13.99. This book is aimed at professionals who are looking to build machine learning applications and is applicable for developers looking to improve data science skills or data scientists who are looking for relevant programming skills. Published on January 31st this year, this 400 page book covers the following topics:

  • Explore what’s known about how humans learn and how intelligent software is built
  • Discover which problems machine learning can address
  • Understand the machine learning pipeline: the steps leading to a deliverable model
  • Use AutoML to automatically select the best pipeline for any problem and dataset
  • Master ML.NET, implement its pipeline, and apply its tasks and algorithms
  • Explore the mathematical foundations of machine learning
  • Make predictions, improve decision-making, and apply probabilistic methods
  • Group data via classification and clustering
  • Learn the fundamentals of deep learning, including neural network design
  • Leverage AI cloud services to build better real-world solutions faster

For the full table of contents, visit Don’t forget, to get the 50% off, order from here.

Introducing Machine Learning