The Weather Channel has had their live stream page under construction for a very long time. This is incredibly frustrating for cord cutters like myself.

Last year, I made the decision to cancel DirecTV after 15 years. I haven’t looked back since. Sure YouTube TV has increased their fees by $15 (bringing Year 1 savings to $600) while I’ve lost the YES Network and am missing The Weather Channel, but it’s generally been a good experience. Since this year’s baseball season has been shortened, I haven’t worried as much about the YES Network. However, I really enjoy watching The Weather Channel during storms. Weather Nation just does not cut it. After poking around, I found Frndly TV.

Frndly TV is a streaming service that includes 15 channels including The Weather Channel, Hallmark Channel, Game Show Network, and QVC. The service also includes on demand programming. Below you’ll find the prices:

Frndly TV Plan prices

So, if you do not need high definition Weather Channel, you can essentially add that channel for as low as $5/mo (with a basic annual plan).

If you attempt to create an account and it fails to create with an Invalid email address message, be sure to email their support as indicated. Their support reached back out to me within 30 minutes and set me up correctly. They are aware of this issue and are working hard to solve it.

In addition, Amazon Fire TV does not have FrndlyTV integration with their Live TV listing yet. It’s not a big issue for me and hopefully they integrate soon.