Last month, I shared how to create a file for your GitHub profile. This little hack allows you to add more content to your GitHub profile. If you’re struggling to find additional content to place in your readme, consider adding additional GitHub statistics to your ReadMe. You can do that by using a pre-built statistic generator.

Using GitHub Readme Stats

This may be the first project to generate statistics for the ReadMe file. This project allows you to hit a URL to generate an image. You can show basic stats, weekly stats, or even the most common languages used within the repositories. You can also customize the look and feel using themes. I’m currently using this within my ReadMe file.

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For my profile, it was as simple as adding this into my file:

[![My GitHub Stats](]()
[![My GitHub Language Stats](]()

Of course you’ll want to replace the username property with your own username. Here is what it looks like on my profile:

Jason Gaylord's GitHub ReadMe Stats

Using GitHub Stats

GitHub Stats is another repository that allows you to visualize statistics. This repository relies on GitHub Actions to do the work for you. In addition, this project shows the languages used by file size, the number of lines of code changed, and the repository views in the past two weeks. If you want to use this project, I recommend checking out the repo:

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I’ve forked the repository myself and executed the GitHub action to calculate accordingly. You can check out my fork here. Here is what was generated:

Jason Gaylord's GitHub Stats and Repository