The Consumer Electronic Show 2021, also knows as CES 2021, kicks off today with many major announcements. Here is the schedule that has been posted so far. All times shown are in Eastern Standard Time:

Monday, January 11th

  • 06:00am iBUYPOWER
  • 10:00am Panasonic
  • 04:00pm Intel
  • 05:00pm Sony Electronics
  • 06:30pm Verizon

Tuesday, January 12th

  • 08:15am Consumer Technology Association with Special Guests
  • 09:00am General Motors
  • 11:00am AMD
  • 12:00pm Asus
  • 12:00pm Nvidia GeForce RTX: GameOn
  • 01:00pm RazerStore Live
  • 01:45pm Sony Electronics
  • 02:30pm Best Buy
  • 02:30pm Samsung
  • 04:00pm Future Reimagined (LinkedIn, Mastercard, and Accenture)

Wednesday, January 13th

  • 07:30am TCL Global
  • 09:00am Microsoft
  • 09:45am Lenovo
  • 10:00am Samsung S21 Unpacked event
  • 10:30am Entertainment Transformed (The SpringHill, MediaLink, NIKE, WarnerMedia)
  • 01:00pm Walmart
  • 02:00pm MSI
  • 07:10pm Best of CES Awards


  • Acer - Acer will be holding sessions during the entire CES event.
  • Dell - Dell has already announced several products in advance of CES.
  • HP
  • HyperX
  • LG - I’ve heard this is supposed to take place on 1/11, but the time has not been specified yet.
  • Phillips
  • Unity

Some of the organizations plan on several event announcements throughout the event. Sony and Samsung are two organizations that come to mind.

CES 2021