I’m hiring several .NET developers, ideally .NET Core developers with Angular experience, for our growing team and ideally. These positions are with biBerk, a direct insurance company.

I’m looking for someone who can demonstrate sound experience with C# and ASP.NET MVC. Many of our back office applications have a Microsoft SQL server backend and an ASP.NET MVC front end. We recently launched a new back end application using native cloud technologies and targeting Microsoft Azure. Some of our SQL tables are being migrated and restructured for Cosmos and our new front end applications and our front end to the back end are using a .NET Core service layer with an Angular front end.

.NET Developer Opening

You can read more about the opportunity by visiting careers-biberk.icims.com/jobs/3000/job.

In addition to our .NET developer opening, I have several other openings. Below you’ll find a list of the current openings on my team updated on 6/11/2024. If you are interested, I encourage you to apply to the posting directly. If you do not apply, we cannot have a conversation about the positions.