On Wednesday, I opened my inbox to find this:

TechSmith's Coach's Eye Retiring

Unfortunately, it’s true. One of the apps that I used to use when on the softball field is now being retired. I had an older version of the app, but absolutely loved it. If you were unaware of the software, it allowed you to record on any device, analyze the video in slow motion, and add telestration to the video. At only $120 a year for a coach, it was a great tool. I’ll be sad to see it go for sure.

If you use another app that offers this functionality, I’d be interested in hearing what great tools you use. Please leave a comment on my post here.

Sample Coach's Eye Screenshot

There are a few alternatives that have been recommended, but there are very few that work on both iOS and Android devices. The best alternative I have found is an app called Onform, however I’ve never used it and it lacks a coaches app for Android.