The holidays are approaching. This time of the year, consumers purchase hardware and technology online more than any other time of the year. Recently, Samsung has been pushing the purchase of their devices direct as opposed to retailers. This makes sense as their profit margin is greater selling direct than selling through retailers.

A couple of years ago, I purchased a smart watch through My experience was extremely stressful as the price was better than most retailers, but it took nearly 4 weeks to receive the watch. I ended up having it in my possession just 24 hours before I needed it as a gift. As a result, I steered clear from using Samsung direct.

This year, I needed another watch. They had a decent deal, or so I thought. I made the purchase on October 20th. Going through the purchase process, I used my wife’s first responder discount to sweeten the deal. Their website assumed I was trading another device in which made my user experience less than desirable. However, I continued along. The next issue I noticed is that once I submitted payment, my additional discount was removed. I reached out to Samsung, but have yet to receive a response. On Thursday, just 1 day later, I went to check the expected delivery date and saw that it was pushed back two weeks. So, I wanted to cancel the order, but didn’t see a cancel option. Rather, I saw a status that said “In Process.” I reached out to Samsung support who told me that this means I could no longer cancel as the order was being prepared to be shipped. I asked them to escalate, in which they did. They came back with the same response and told me I could only refuse the order. To me, it’s crazy that could charge me for something that will take nearly a month to be delivered and not allow me the ability to cancel. I had checked today to see if it has shipped yet. It is now a full week since I’ve placed the order. It still says “IN PROCESS” and I still cannot cancel. For that, I believe their service needs to improve drastically. shows IN PROCESS and won't let me cancel

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