In May 2020, I had announced a new Jekyll theme called SpaacedOut. Since that time, I’ve made a couple of updates for a 1.1.x version and just recently added some additional changes for a 1.2.x version. Those changes in the latest round of updates include:

  • Added the theme version number in a version.html include file that is placed in the footer and can be referenced in the application
  • Updated the tags and archive to smartify single and double quotes
  • Added a target for header links that are added to the menu
  • Updated classes for notices so we can have difference styles for <blockquote> and <blockquote class="notice">
  • Force the rouge highlighter

Gem Version

To install this theme, you have two options:

  1. Install using the spaacedout gem
  2. Install using it as a remote theme

Jekyll SpaacedOut Theme - Desktop View