This time of the year each year is extremely busy for our family. We’re a couple months into my boy’s ice hockey season. We’re just a week or two into basketball season for the girls. And we are just wrapping up the finishing touches on our holiday light display, creatively coined MyLightDisplay. Click below to visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and now on Instagram.


I’ll soon be posting several posts over at explaining how I’ve enhanced this year’s display using a custom app I wrote.

Tonight is a big night for us. Tonight at 5pm kicks off our first animated light show of the 2021/2022 holiday light season. The light shows are just under 16 minutes long and take place starting on the hour and half hour beginning at 5pm each evening. The last show will begin at 9pm. The lights turn on at 4:30pm and stay on until at least 10pm, depending on the day. For a complete schedule, check out

For my friends not in the immediate area, while I cannot share videos of the show due to copyright concerns of video content and song content, below you’ll find a preview of the house with the lights on. We kicked off the display, as we do each year, on Black Friday. This year, the lights turned on Friday, November 26th. This season, experience one of over 350 light shows that will take place. We hope to see you stop by.

Visit for more display information