LabCorp has released an at-home test for COVID-19. Here are a few important notes about the test:

  • The test is currently only available for healthcare workers and first responders.
  • You must qualify by completing the COVID-19 survey and the test costs $119. When completing the survey, please keep fellow citizens in mind so that tests are distributed to those that need it first.
  • Like most of the other available tests, this is a nasal swab test that if not done properly will come back negative when, in turn, you could be positive. You can watch this short instructional video before deciding if you could do it:
  • You’ll need to mail your test back via FedEx. Currently, there are no locations to drop your test off at. Test results will typically be available online 1-2 days after the test is received.
  • This test is testing whether or not your are infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the coronavirus disease. The test may have a false-negative result if you are in the early stages of COVID-19.

Pixel by LabCorp has provided at-home tests for other common health concerns in the past.

COVID-19 Testing

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