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from Northeast PA
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Hello, I'm  jasongaylord Jason

I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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AspNetCore 6.0 Backlog Grooming

The ASP.NET team is beginning to review the backlog for items that they should include in version 6.0.

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Play Surf in Microsoft Edge

Since Microsoft Edge version 83, Microsoft has included the game Surf in its browser. Not long ago my connection dropped. I hadn’t realized until I refreshed a browser tab in the new Microsoft Edge and found the error message You’re not connected.

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Microsoft Partner Tech Talks Resume

Earlier this week, Microsoft resumed their Partner Tech Talks. These events feature technical experts from Microsoft and help to enable partners with information to assist their customers. The talks will focus on Azure, Modern Work & Security, and Business Applications. Within the next two weeks, there are two Azure events that will take place:

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How to Create a Beacon Animation Using CSS

I had a need to create a CSS animation that showed a “beacon” using CSS. Basically, I was dropping an animation showing where someone was located on a map. So, I was setting a background image of a container to an image and then placing a “bursting” dot within the container based on the location. Instead of using an animated gif like the one showing below:

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Opt-In to Angular CLI Strict Mode

In Angular 10, the Angular team announced a strict mode that would perform build-time optimizations and help to deliver a faster application. However, it is not enabled by default as they’re still accepting feedback on which trade-offs you are willing to accept.

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DevIntersection Virtual Workshop Event

With in-person technical events being cancelled across the world, DevIntersection is hosting a virtual workshop event. Attend a workshop for $199 and attend a keynote for free.

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Introducing Machine Learning eBook on Sale

Microsoft Press has Introducing Machine Learning on sale at 50% off this week for only $13.99. This book is aimed at professionals who are looking to build machine learning applications and is applicable for developers looking to improve data science skills or data scientists who are looking for relevant programming skills. Published on January 31st this year, this 400 page book covers the following topics:

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Ask Me Anything with Charles Lamanna Today!

During the #POWERfulDEVs conference in July this year, the Power Platform influencers and Cloud Advocates talked about tackling problems in low code environments using Azure and the Power Platform. Charles Lamanna wrapped up the event with a talk about fusion dev teams. Starting at 11:55am EDT (8:55am PDT) today, he’ll be available for an Ask Me Anything session. You can register for the event and sign-in by visiting jasong.us/2Yy8weW.

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Easily Copy Code Without Indentation in Visual Studio

I often copy code in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code where I need to hit Shift+Tab to remove the initial indentation for source code. I struggled to justify in my own mind that this was a solid feature request. However, Thomas Ardal has now officially submitted.

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Azure Hybrid Virtual Event On Demand

The Azure Hybrid virtual event content is now available on demand at jasong.us/34hTP36. You’ll get insights from industry experts, hear best practices, and learn how to extend services to any infrastructure with Azure Arc.

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