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from Northeast PA
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Hello, I'm  jasongaylord Jason

I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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The JuneteenthConf Kicks Off Today and Ends Tomorrow

The JuneteenthConf kicks off at noon today, June 19th, 2020. The event takes place June 19th-20th. The event provides a space to celebrate Black Excellence in technology and to counterbalance the biases in the technology industry. The event will kick off with an inspirational speech by Danny Thompson, a Software Engineer who worked in retail and never knew the path to a tech career was possible. There are other keynotes and sessions throughout the event.

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Site Tags and Sorting Tags in Jekyll

I’ve been trying to find a cleaner way to represent the tags on my website. I came across a post by Joe Kampschmidt. That inspired me to take a look at my tags page and make some changes.

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An Early Look at Winget

During Build 2020, Microsoft released a preview of Winget. At that same time, AppGet, which I was using along with Chocolatey, announced it was shutting down as a result. I haven’t spent much time looking at Winget, but since I have to transition off of AppGet and I needed to setup a new machine, I started looking at it more.

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Review: Microsoft Your Phone App v1.20051.93

The Microsoft Your Phone app is a great application to keep your Android phone linked with the PC. Generally speaking, it’s a fairly functional app. But, there are some bugs and features I’d like to call out that I’m hoping to see fixed:

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Review: Slipstick Rollerblade Casters

During the past few months working from home, my office chair mat and chair have taken a beating. Most residential setups are not meant for daily use of 8 or more hours. The latest casualty was one of the casters which had broken. We’re a hockey family so it was only fitting that my wife grabbed me a set of Slipstick Rollerblade Casters.

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Attaching ViewSonic VP2771 USB-C Monitors to a Surface Dock 2

As previously mentioned, I recently replaced my Surface Book 2 with a Surface Book 3. Along with the Surface Book 3, I ordered a Surface Dock 2. I had not realized when I ordered the Surface Dock 2 that the video ports on the dock are USB-C. The dock lacks any other video port connection. So, I ordered USB-C to Display Port cables in hopes that would work.

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Unpacking my new Surface Book 3

I ran into issues with my Surface Book 2 last week. Since I needed to get up and running very quickly, I ordered a new Surface Book 3 from the Microsoft Store. Generally speaking, the Surface Book 3’s price was similar to the Surface Book 2.

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TechBash 2020, TechBash 2021, and COVID-19

Yesterday we made an announcement regarding TechBash 2020 on the TechBash website:

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Dapr v0.8.0 Released

Dapr Runtime v0.8.0 has been released. You can obtain a copy by visiting https://jasong.us/2B1yT3F.

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Publishing a Jekyll Site to Azure Static Web Apps

Microsoft just posted a new tutorial outlining the process to publish a Jekyll site to an Azure Static Web App instance.

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